Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stippling and a finished quilt!

Ok, lets start at the beginning. I have been wanting to learn how to do meander quilting for so long but because I am a big chicken ive just stuck with in the ditch quilting because its 'safe' and that is what I am comfortable with.

Monday night my husband comes home with a pressie for me...

Its a darning foot for my sewing machine!!!

So, I got started right away and made a mini-sandwich to practice on. But because I was so excted and partly because I wanted to get right into it before I got all nervouse, I decided to make Chip (our beautiful Jack Russell X Maltese) a quilt for lazing on.

I picked out some fabric and cut out a heap of 3.5" squares and sewed away. I didnt lay them out first or anything, just completely random. Once I finished the top I decided that while I was trying new things I would try a pieced back - completely inspired by all of AmandaJeans quilts!

I made the top, back, and basted the whole thing that same night! (Chip supervised)

Then Tuesday night I did my stippling. (I watched AmandaJeans Free Motion Quilting Tutorial three times, took a deep breath and gave it a shot!) I still have a long way to go but I am SO happy with the result!!! While I was at it I decided to try making binding from all the scraps, and sewed it on.

Yesterday I hand stitched the binding, threw it in the washer and dryer and now I know what everyone is talking about when they say they love the crinkley old feeling of a freshly washed and dried quilt!

Here is the finised result..

I am so pleased with how it turned out! Now I am extra motivated to finish all my UFO's just so I can stipple them. And I think the key was just jumping in and doing it because now Im not nervous at all!!

Erin :)


Lisa said...

Thats some awesome dog quilt. I just learned to stipple on a doll quilt recently.I love Amanda Jean too. I get so much inspiration from her quilts.

Sarah said...

That looks soo good, I really like how its all crumpled!

Christine said...

Chip looks very pleased with his new quilt. You've done a great job. I've been practising stippling today too. Need more pracise!

Lisa said...

Hi Erin, nice to "meet" you. It's good to see that I'm not the only one around here new to quilting!
thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoy the cream cheese brownies.

Louann said...

It looks excellent. You did a wonderful job!

Lisa said...

Well, good job! I have a LOT of quilt tops sitting around because I HATE the quilting step. Part of that is my machine- it's sort of a cheapie- and part of it is sheer laziness.
I am impressed with your quilting skills already, though! I took a class on machine quilting once, and mine didn't look that good. WTG!!
You had asked what pattern I used on my Blossom jelly roll quilt, and I didn't use one. I just used a jelly roll and cut 5" squares out of off-white, then sewed strips around. After I had all the blocks made I cut some 2-1/2" strips of the same off-white and used those for the sashing. The quilt wasn't quite long enough so I took a striped strip from the jelly roll and added one to each end, then another strip of white. Does that make sense? If not, leave me another note and I will e-mail you.

amandajean said...

congrats on a beautiful finish! i love your quilt. you did a fantastic job!!!

jillquilts said...

Way to go on your quilting! It looks great!

Lynn Douglass said...

Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog! It gave me the link to yours, and I've enjoyed scrolling through it. I love the Moda fabrics, and I hate to admit that I have way too many of them. Very cute dog snuggly! Chip is adorable!
My Chip is a Beagle. He takes over every quilt in the house!

holly said...

You did a great job. I want to try it on a quilt but have been nervous. Some day I will bite the bullet.

Cheryl A said...

Great job! Free motion is addictive. There is just so much you can do.

Jackie said...

You did a great job! The quilt and the pup are cute, cute,cute! I'm still trying to get up the nerve to free motion quilt my first quilt. It will be sooN!

Julia said...

Hi Erin, lovely to meet you via our blogs..
I love stippling, covers any little flaws, and so easy and quick to do..
you'll be hooked on it now too..
Julia ♥